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School choir during mass

JOSKA Scout Team show casing

Parish Priest during  mass

HP and company enjoying the day


A taste of cakes made by students

ICT student assembling a computer

Kasujju planting a tree

Library Time

State of the Art  outlook

Chaplain time for students

A photo for Old students and other guests

The girls say hi to you!

Keep our offertory safe

Our deputy HM
looking lively.

  DOS  ready to the MC gigs

Our procurement officer says hello

Dean lower in party mood

Sports supporters not sure about their sides

1, 2, 3 and go

Ready for sports day inter-house

Our beloved HM dressed

What a beautiful scenary JOSKA is!

Dean upper in party mood

Music Dance and Drama as entertainment

A new outlook of our entrance

School choir  during Mass on Joseph's Day

   ICT exhibition  winding up the day

Tree planting by Fr. Lubwama

Tree planting by S5
class 2024

Our ICT wizard chilling on a drink made by students

Parents cheering on students during JOSKA day

Dressed for the occassion

Our beloved Bursar in relaxed mood.

HM leading the staff for offertory during mass

HM with 2023 A level best students

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