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Spritual Life and Catholic  Identity in JOSKA

St. Joseph's Sec. School a Catholic founded school by Kiyinda Miyana Diocese. we identify our selves with the Diocese's theme "Tujulire Kristu mu maka, mu masomero ne mu mirimu". as such we value this attachment, beyond catholic religion JOSKA welcomes all students from other religious domain because we are a unity in diversity.

As a scho0l, we have a school chaplain " Rev. Fr. Simeo Ssewankambo" who always offers moral teaching to all students every Tuesday from 4:00pm as a way of mentoring our students.

Our Liturgy teacher Mr. Kavuma Leonard has also been instrumental in ensuring that our learners do participate in the various activities like mass, retreats, etc.


Below are the major liturgical activities carried out;

  1. Weekly Masses (Wednesday and Saturday for boarding students)

  2. The school Retreat

  3. Catechesis

  4. Instructions

  5. Liturgical preparations

  6. Diocesan Music festivals

  7. Pilgrimage to St. Ambrose Ttamu Shrine in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese.

The school mass is being animated by on class levels from senior one up to senior six. We receive Eucharistic celebrations for 4 times a week; Wednesday at 9:30 am, Thursday at 7: 00 am, Saturday at 7: 00am and Sunday at 9:30am together with others schools like kindergartens, primary and secondary schools.

Spirituality in Pictorial


Our Parish Priest after Mass

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