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We have got each class (S1-S6) allocated a full block with streams. S1-S4 have each Three Streams i.e East, West and North, each stream class is large enough to accommodate up to 120 learners. For A level, we have a science and Arts block, each block has a reserved reading room during optional subjects. We also have two large sitter halls where our students sit their UNEB Examinations. 

Senior One block
Senior two block
SEnior Five block
Senior Six block
Senior Four block
A ground view of the entrance


Science laboratories are essential for conducting practical experiments and hands-on learning in subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics. The school has a well-equipped laboratories, and students have no limitations in conducting experiments.

Student in science praticals
Chemistry on the go
Science block


In boarding schools, dormitories or hostels are provided to accommodate students who live far from the school. These facilities offer a residential environment for students during the school term. and the school has four house plus the hostel for A ‘Level students

O level dormitory
A level dormitory

Computer Laboratory

Computer labs provide students with hands-on learning opportunities, allowing them to apply theoretical concepts in a practical setting. They can experiment with software applications, explore the internet, and learn programming languages, among other things

students in the computer lab
ICT praticals during UNEB
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